Le 26/11/2016 à L'ANGORA

Carte blanche à l'ensemble KA DAO YIN (Taïwan)

Guests : Yaping Wang
Now Cut
& invités surprise

Le 26 novembre de 19 à 21 h
 3 Bd Richard Lenoir / 75011 Paris


Entrée libre / sortie au chapeau

Performing improvised music on a cross-cultural instrumentation, Ka Dao Yin’s members are based in Taipei and London. With its signature combination of piano, C-saxophone, sheng (Chinese mouth organ), and zheng (Chinese zither), the music of Ka Dao Yin stands at the crossroads of contemporary classical music, Chinese folk music, free improvisation, and jazz.
The name Ka Dao Yin 卡到音 (pronounced Kǎ Dào Īn) is a transliteration of a Taiwanese wordplay which means ‘getting caught up in something’, — in Ka Dao Yin‘s case, it means loosely structured, but deeply felt, expressive improvisation with intuitive interplay between the group members.



Shih-Yang Lee (Piano), from Taipei, has performed and recorded in Asia and Europe, among others with illustrious names like Sabu Toyozumi, Fred van Hove, Sainkho Namtchylak, Carlos Zingaro, Umezu Kazutoki, Tobias Delius, Luc Houtkamp, and many more. In addition, he has made himself a name as a composer and performer in some of the best drama and dance companies in Taiwan. His live album “Galactic Alignment” won the “Honorary Mention of the New Releases of the 2014 of New York City Jazz Record.

Klaus Bru (Saxophone), a German, who has lived in Taiwan and China for decades, has worked with an abundance of artists in dissimilar musical contexts, covering a spectrum from Experimental Noise, Electronica, to Mainstream Jazz, and Pop Music. Bru is one of only a handful of saxophonists who specialize in the rare C-saxes, which he likes to electrify and treat like a guitar. He has performed and recorded with Marc Ribot, Sunny Murray, Franz Hautzinger, Peter Herbert, Michael Moser, Bilal Karaman, Li Jian-Hong, Aming Liang, Sabu Toyozumi, and Eddie Prevost.

Hung Shao Huan (Sheng), born in Taichung, Taiwan, completed his sheng (Chinese mouth organ) studies at Tainan National University of the Art. One of today’s most skillful young sheng players, Hung has demonstrated outstanding performances of Chinese music, Western classical music, jazz, and tango. Hung was the only Taiwanese prize winner at the CCTV Instrumental Music Competition in 2007. He is the concert master of DACHUNG Chinese Orchestra, and he has performed as a soloist with the orchestra around the world. In 2012, he came in the first place at Taiwan Student Music Competition. After being featured in an exclusive interview on Wei Xin television in 2014, Hung held his acclaimed solo recital in June. In July, he was elected as a youth ambassador of Taiwan and traveled to South America for a cultural exchange tour. In September 2015, Hung was invited to perform at several international music festivals, including the Shanghai Sheng Festival and Wuhan Music Academy Sheng Festival.

Chun-Te Liu (Guzheng) is deeply rooted in traditional Chinese music. He graduated from the Chinese Music Department at Tainan National University of the Arts, majoring in guzheng. Later he studied composition at Chiao Tung University in Hsin-Chu, Taiwan. He now works as a dancer with a number of Taiwanese dance companies, while contributing as a composer and performer on the zheng.