Le 22/07/16 à La Générale

By hands, human create a significant amount of different things that are concrete or abstract. There are things that help people to maintain the regular function of daily life. Meanwhile, there are also things that can engage people’s attention into an indeterminacy dimension and to explore brand new possibilities…

On 22th of July at LA Générale, we present a creative process in free improvisation with light show performed by Manli Zhang and Zhiyu DAI to give common materials utterance in improvisation. With musical intervention performed by:

Polo Vincent (electronic)
NowCut (lutherie sauvage)
Jean Borde (double bass)
Jonathan Thomas (guitare)
Stéphane Hoareau (guitare)
Flavien Lavisse (guimbardes)
Gregoire Davy (midi controller)
Chung Yun (Singing bowl)
Yaping Wang (yangqin)